Why Should I Purchase Pet Insurance?

Your puppy is your best friend, right? He is part of your family and you spend so much time and money making sure he’s happy and healthy. Now, imagine your puppy gets really sick and needs to go to the vet to feel better. You take him to get checked out. The vet says that he has a rare form of brain cancer. You’re told that if you want him to have a chance at life, he will need to get medication as well as chemotherapy. You’ve already gotten all the blood work and MRIs done which left you with a $2000 vet bill. That’s not including the medication and chemo he will need to get better. If you don’t have pet insurance, you’re left to foot that bill and any future bills on your own. On the other hand, if you did have pet insurance, your policy would cover most, if not all of your bills.

In this case, if you didn’t already have insurance for your pets, you would not be able to get it after you found out about the cancer because it would be considered a pre-existing condition. Just like health insurance for your family, pet insurance is there to help you cover the bill for treatment. But also, like health insurance, you cannot get insurance for a pre-existing medical condition or elective treatments. Another thing you cannot get coverage for is parasite prevention or treatment, and non-veterinary expenses, such as food, special diets or vitamins and supplements. If you would like to see more about pet insurance, click on the link. You can also go here to discover surprising facts about pet insurance.

While pet insurance is similar to health insurance in many ways. One way that it differs, is that you have to pay for treatment, file a claim and they will reimburse you the money. Along with a full-coverage policy, most pet insurance companies also offer an accident only plan where you pay a certain amount a month, usually a low cost, and they cover any accidents, but will not cover illnesses. These accidents include broken bones, snake bites, car accidents or object ingestion which requires surgery. Also included in the accident plan, is any accident happening while hunting or in the line of service. For example, police dogs or service dogs.

Most plans offer wellness coverage as well, which includes routine office visits, but an average of $45 for an office visit a few times a year, it’s would not be worth it to pay pet insurance for that. On the other hand, if your dog’s breed is known for any illnesses such as arthritis or breathing issues, I would definitely consider getting pet insurance.

If you’ve been thinking about getting pet insurance for your fur baby, it’s definitely worth it. Especially if you have a breed that has a higher chance of certain ailments. Make sure you do extensive research and get quotes from many different companies so that you can compare plans and find the best one for your family.