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A Guide to the Best Barbecue A barbecue refers to a cooking method as well as an apparatutus. As a cooking method, barbecuing is usually done slowly. While cooking through this method heat is applied indirectly. The process flavors the food that is cooked. A similar process to barbecuing is grilling which is done faster. It is done over moderate and also on high heat which produces a little smoke. The word barbecue is meant to refer to many thing that relate to it. it means the method used in cooking, the apparatus used and also the meat prepared this way. Preparing food and especially meat through this method features different techniques. Very low temperature of heat were used in the original and the traditional technique of preparing food through this method. This method consumes a lot of time to prepare the food. Meat can also be barbecued through a process call baking. The technique is done using a masonry oven. In this technique convention is used in cooking as well as starching with moderate temperatures. Less time is required while using this process and in an hours’ time the cooking is over. Braising is another technique used in barbecue. In braising you combine the direct heat and also the dry charbroiling placed on a ribbed surface. In this method you start fast and with time as the meat cooks you slow down. The meat is cooked fast and then after some time you slow down the cooking. Grilling is quite different from barbecue. In grilling direct heat is used. Heat used in grilling may be coming from wood, gas or coming from electricity. The time difference that occurs between the two methods is out of the temperature difference between them. Low temperatures are used in barbecue and thus more time is spent Grilling on the other hand requires high temperature thus takes less time.
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Barbecue is also used in other uses apart from just cooking. It is also used in adding flavor to various food items. Potato chips are among the foods the barbecue adds flavor to. The barbecue changes the appearance of the potato chips and also makes them very attractive. New grills are just shiny and make confuse you when are wrapped. Many appear to be similar and others of different prices. The grills are different. The gas barbecue turns out to be the most common. The barbecue uses propane or natural gas in cooking process. Natural gas is cheaper that propane.
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Briquettes of charcoal fuel the charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes fuel the entire coking process. The charcoal one however consumes more time and thus turn out to be more expensive than the gas barbecue. Many people prefer cooking with charcoal due to the unique taste which it comes along with. The taste of the food is much better especially when the wood is natural. Preparing meat through a barbecue makes the event more appealing and enjoyable.