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Tips on the Prevention Of Fleas.

A majority of pet owners do not know how to control fleas in pets despite it being a major concern. Various ways can, however, be used to control the fleas. What should be worrying pet and animal keepers about fleas is that they spend about ten percent of their lives on animals. Female fleas lay almost a million eggs. The eggs can survive for almost a year until the right conditions to hatch become available. The warm body temperatures of cats, dogs, and other pet animals makes it ideal for them to an easy target of the insects. Parents should be concerned because not only do the fleas attack pets but also they infants. There exist numerous companies that specialize in the manufacture of the various flea medicines that can be found in the markets. Regardless of the medicine to be used in their control however, application should be on all the animals, the compound and also in the car. A majority of pet owners when purchasing the medicines fall into the trap of buying ones that will not be effective in all places in the compound.

Of the various varieties of flea medications, the commonest are the ones that come in powder form. These medicines, however, are safe to dogs which are eight weeks old. The powdered medications are normally applied after three to four days until the fleas are eliminated. One of the demerits of flea powder is that it only kills adult fleas but does not affect the larvae. Flea Sprays are the other form that can be used in the elimination of the insects. Most of the sprays are alcohol based, but some are organic. A major benefit of these medicines is that they are formulated with an ability to regulate insect growth which gives them the ability to kill larvae. Some pets, however, are not comfortable when the medicines are applied on their bodies. Flea dips are another form that can be used to rid pets of fleas. This method eliminates fleas in several days and weeks but can be very toxic, and it is usually advised that it should only be carried out only once in a while. It is crucial that one using this method should wear protective clothing as poses health risk if caution is not taken. Pet Action, frontline plus and K9 are some of the popular flea medicine brands.

One important determining factor for animal owners when buying flea medicines is the price for the medications. Medicines that control a wide variety of fleas and other parasites are sold at a higher price. However, a majority of pet owners prefer using products that provide a wide range of protection rather than products that target one parasite alone. Most of the pet medicines can be found online and can be bought at a discounted price.