Case Study: My Experience With Advertising

Handling Sexual Oriented Based Marketing

The showcasing condition today is extremely intense with promoting firms executing forceful publicising efforts focused towards their planned customers to offer a greater number of items than the other contender. The company that develops the most sophisticated advertising campaign obviously will defeat the other firms in achieving a bigger market share since they will be more visible to the public. Since marketing strategies have become such sophisticated, marketing firms are coming up with more strategies that add some twist in the way they advertise like targeted ads. Companies that initiate such targeted advertisements must know the consumer behaviour of their target audience so that they can fine tune their ads to fit the people that they are selling the products to. They must get to know their likes and dislikes and their preferred products. Such a targeted advertising regimen has led to the occurrence of gender based marketing. In the current social standards, many individuals view such adverts as having a negative impact on the society and are starting to reject them as an advertising medium. These adverts can be placed on billboards, counter top displays and other platforms. These types of ads have a lot of negative impacts on the society and must not be promoted by any means.

The commonest and utilised exhibiting effort is utilising open range shows, TV promotions and counter top displays to generalise ladies. Such advertisements contrarily exhibit ladies, only as a method for accomplishing a specific goal not giving them some genuine esteem. For instance, there is some gender based targeted advertising that can show ladies performing some old household chores that are not relevant today. When small girls view such advertisements, that are normally displayed on counter top displays, they may have a bad image and grow with the negative impression of being a woman. Counter top display advertisement are more likely to get seen since they are in places where there is a lot of traffic. Any advertising company can apply various methods to ensure that they stay away from gender marketing.

The first strategy to implement is to prevent presentation of harmful images on counter top displays as well as other platforms. Such disrespectful images are pervasive and negatively present women giving the young children a bad idea of how women are supposed to be. Before going ahead and finalising your advertisement, it is vital to know what content you are going to include on your counter top display so that you don’t promote poor content. Perform an in depth analysis on all your advertising media like social networks, e-mail, counter top displays and edit as necessary to have gender friendly material.

The best strategy to ensure that you enhance the welfare of your society through advertising is by promoting their status in your adverts. The main way you can present such a photo is to encourage good pictures that reflect great ethics in the public. Simply give the ladies motivation to be happy.